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Beer Never Tasted This Good

I am trying to get a job. This means I do travel a lot through Saigon with my (not really mine) motorbike. today i’ve driven incessantly for a bit more than 3 hours. Please do notice the sun was more … Continue reading

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How To Urinate In People Face

Step 1: take a ticket to Saigon Step 2: take a cab and ask to be driven to the crossroads where Bùi Viện and Đề Thám streets meet Step 3: enter Crazy Buffalo pub/club Step 4: head for the WC … Continue reading

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my camera just decided (yesterday)  it does not wanna work.. and today it hasn’t changed its mind.. lucky, huh? annyway (as the Rabitte’s would say), i’ve been kinda lucky since someone offered to lend me her camera ’til i get … Continue reading

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Yeo’s is a canned drink brand which is extremely popular in most asian countries but not in Europe, even thou it is frequently imported. Yes, at the moment i’m totally into food and drinks, so expect a post about Bia … Continue reading

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Chôm Chôm

here we go again, another fruit which is impossible to find in too many places of this planet. Chom Chom is similar to famous Lychee but way better: sweeter and more juicy. it probably is my favourite fruit so far

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Măng Cụt

the more you stay in Vietnam the more you understand it’ll take you ages to know all the different fruits you can have here. you have to cut the large skin all around the white stuff inside which you will … Continue reading

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a Premium Driver

as Alexander Perchov (Everything Is Illuminated) would call me. everyone i met says driving in Saigon is stressful and chaotic.. to me its challenging and exciting and don’t ask me why i just feel happy driving a motorbike here. It … Continue reading

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