Breathing Vietnam In As Hard As I Can

well, roughly 3 weeks left–


3 weeks are a lot, when you travel.. they are much less when you live somewhere–thinking about leaving makes me already miss Vietnam–


and this, believe me, is kinda an awkward feeling.. i’ll miss Saigon, I’ll miss the easiness to find something to eat, to drink at any hour in any part of this city.. i’ll miss the everyday challenge to learn a bit more of the local language, struggling with tones.. i’ll miss the way this country is lively, compared to Europe.. will i miss traffic too? maybe i’ll miss that, too.. mostly, as anytime a left another country (and this is the 3rd time in ) i’ll miss the feeling of being a foreigner..

well.. let’s try to breathe vietnam in as hard as i can, as a human can.. this is not the right time to care about pollution and whatsoever..


About goodluckserrano

born in 87, on the run from 2006. Italy, England, France, Vietnam, China and HongKong are the places I've been calling home for now. I am currently happy in Lamma Island (HK)
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2 Responses to Breathing Vietnam In As Hard As I Can

  1. Hey says:

    Oh man, your saigon blog is great and im sad…..this is the end….unless you decide to come back….which i hope you will.

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