the 10 things list

after a month away from Vietnam, here below is listed what i miss the most:


– driving my motorbike (piaggio zip, yellow and honda spacy, bordeaux)

– smell of humidity (you dont wanna believe it, huh?)

– lights at night (so many different colours at night in saigon)

– che (i will never be able to find it here in italy, will I?)

– being a foreigner

– ca phe sua da (there’s a post about this drink)

– pho (getting hungry already, after having written this)

– fair-priced restaurant (compared to the ones here)

– friends (both tv-series and people i met there)

– vietnamese BBQ (simply a step higher)


i probably forgot to include many little things


About goodluckserrano

born in 87, on the run from 2006. Italy, England, France, Vietnam, China and HongKong are the places I've been calling home for now. I am currently happy in Lamma Island (HK)
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2 Responses to the 10 things list

  1. qakitchen says:

    I was about to post a recipe of ‘che’ on my blog. 🙂 But it’s the central way of ‘che’ with beans though, not the one in SG you normally have. Anyhow, che is delicious as a sweet snack, isn’t it?

    • yes, it is different, I prefer the central version thou. In saigon there are many places serving central food. one of them “Rat Hue” was one of my favourite eateries. But I was not able to find Cao Lau, one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes, had it in Da Nang area and loved it

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