Nice To Meet You Phillips

this man in his 60s sat on the chair in front of me in this coffee shop from where i’m writing right now. He stayed for some 15 minutes. He left 2 minutes ago.

we got to talk. He is American, a veteran, he was here in ’65, for only 12 months. he spent most of the time here in Bac Ria, a town 2 hours away from Saigon.

you could tell how it would have ended up so easily.. mostly, why were we here in the first place, was this America?” – about the war

now I come here, for the first time since ’65 and.. god.. this place has changed much better than what we would have made out of it, they are doing a great job.. but there is a lot of propaganda still, way too much..” – about the reasons of the war and the development of the country

they had guts to fight the Japanese, the French and us, now they are tired.. they don’t wanna fight to change some other things, yet” – about Vietnamese

they called it the vietnamese riviera” – about Phan Tiet

he’ll travel around for a couple of years through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.. to visit the countries where he fought and he will write a book about it(that is what he said)..

it will be a neutral book, I’ll tell why America was wrong, but I will tell things they did wrong too.. it’ll be a rather philosophical book.. rough philosophy, war, development and memories..” – about the book

gluck then


About goodluckserrano

born in 87, on the run from 2006. Italy, England, France, Vietnam, China and HongKong are the places I've been calling home for now. I am currently happy in Lamma Island (HK)
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2 Responses to Nice To Meet You Phillips

  1. Do you realized that the word Vietnam has ripped, nagged at, touched the American conscious in one way or another ever since the Eisenhower administration? This was brought home to me when I watched Obama reassured the American people in his speech at West Point that Afghanistan won’t turn into another Vietnam.
    I like what the vet said about the Vietnamese.

    • im not american so im not talking on behalf of them, but yes, i agree with you.. like a scar on a face, it changes your confidency and it reminds you youre not invincible.. what struck me is that he said that most if them didnt even know why they were there.. ideology? colonialism? aid? expansion? nobody really knew, he told me..

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